Rosenannon Methodist Church

Rosenannon Chapel was built in 1888 as a Bible Christian chapel and up until December 2015 was where we worshipped. Due to spiralling costs of up keeping the Chapel the Church Council made the decision to sell the Chapel and take on a refurbishment programme of the Sunday School opposite which was built in 1953. This programme has yet to start, but Plans are in place and we hope this work will begin in the Spring of 2017.

Even though the congregation is now usually of a more mature nature the regular 11am Service still provides an informal weekly sanctuary of worship in the village where all are welcomed and invited to get together for tea, coffee and biscuits after the Service.

Sometimes the members put together our own service of worship where each member takes part. We often get visitors down on holiday worshipping with us.

Weekly Events
Sunday Service 11am, every other week in line with Covid-19 guidelines.

Senior Steward
Mrs Mary Hawken
01208 813238